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Three PTAP Clients Find Success at Northeast Regional Council Matchmaker Event

Our Procurement Technical Assistance Program (PTAP) team might be the best kept secret in state government. A dedicated group of business professionals, our PTAP staff consistently help New Hampshire businesses to sell their products and services to the federal and state government, earning millions of dollars in contracts along the way.

Here’s a great narrative from PTAP Program Manager David Pease regarding the success of his team at the Northeast Regional Council Matchmaker event recently held in Portland, ME.

PTAP Program Manager David Pease

PTAP Program Manager David Pease

The entire NH-PTAP staff participated, supporting 112 New Hampshire small business registrants representing 83 companies. New Hampshire was the most represented state at the event, with Maine and Massachusetts a close second and third. Small businesses came from as far as Texas, Minnesota and Florida to seek sales opportunities with Federal and State agencies and large Prime contractors.  

The first day of the event was dedicated to training. Agency small business specialists, contract specialists and contract officers and Prime contractor Small Business Liaison Officers (SBLO) received a six-hour program that provides up-to-date details on all aspects of small business programs, including subcontracting programs, participation programs, and reporting via eSRS.

In the afternoon, a separate training session was presented by the regional PTACs,  for 195 small business people, providing an overview of all aspects of Federal government contracting. Approximately 75 people stayed on for an additional program specifically for small businesses that were new to the Matchmaker process.

On the Wednesday Matchmaker Day, 27 government agencies and 55 Prime contractors staffed 82 tables, as hundreds of small businesses vied for 10-minute appointments. Each table was scheduled for thirty-seven 10-minute appointment slots, but many of the agencies and Primes made opportunities for far more contacts – DEW Construction (Hanover, Williston VT.) recorded 62 sessions with small businesses. By the end of the day, we had word that at least three New Hampshire small businesses would be awarded subcontracts within one week as a direct result of the matchmaker. This rapid success is very unusual, and is encouraging.

For those not busy on the main Matchmaker floor, there were breakout rooms for small businesses to get together or to work solo, using the hotel’s wireless internet service. There were also a variety of breakout sessions, including one featuring recent changes in eMall. Lieutenant Commander Phillip Deboe,  Deputy Program Manager for DLA eMall, answered questions, and with Jerry Smith, OSBU Regional Director for GSA, clarified recent changes that both agencies have implemented that are significantly impacting companies in the region.

For the Primes, PTACs and Federal Agencies, a third day was dedicated to a half-day open meeting of the Regional Council. Presentations were made by Steven Kempf, Commissioner, GSA Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), the portion of GSA that deals with government-wide procurement; Sean Crean, Director, U.S. Department of Navy, Office of Small Business Programs; and William Shear, Director, GAO, Financial Markets and Community Investment.

PTAP participation in this event and the commitment of time and resources was well justified by the knowledge gained and the positive outcomes for New Hampshire companies.

Congrats to David Pease, Martha Keene, Kathy Frenette and Amanda Duquette, our tremendous PTAP team!!!

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