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No Bull Allowed…..

Tired of bailouts, stimulus plans and endless talks about budgets and inertia? Well, guess what? So are we….

That’s why we’ve checked out of “government as usual” and tossed the status quo into the scrap pile where it lies amongst boilerplate marketing plans, three Martini networking events and stale information served as new.

As New Hampshire businesses or prospective New Hampshire businesses, you not only demand more, you deserve more. Our pledge to you is to give you some great information on a daily basis whether it be a new grant, a partnership opportunity or an excellent new economic development tool….only the good stuff, only the timely stuff…no bull allowed.

Billy Joel once bragged in a song that “We didn’t start the fire” but here I stand with a can of kerosene and a head full of crazy ideas that just might work. This is both revolution and evolution wrapped into one. Don’t think Michael Buble or Yanni….think Marilyn Manson and Korn. Economic Development is no longer a waltz, it’s a mosh pit of innovation, creativity and ingenuity. Anything with a speck of dust or a feel of bureaucratic rhetoric will be cast aside in the new look “Live Free or Die” state.

So welcome to day one of the No Bull Business Blog…..welcome to a real approach to the nation’s best economy….welcome to government as “unusual.”

 – Steve Boucher, Communications & Legislative Director

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