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Plastic Reuse Company Comes to Colebrook – 25 New Jobs Expected

COLEBROOK – At least 25 jobs are expected to be created within the next year thanks to a new company opening in Colebrook.


Plastimo Inc., a New Hampshire Corporation created in June, has come to an agreement with Rex Jacobsma to purchase a 14-acre site with a 110,000 square foot industrial building located at 23 Gould Street in Colebrook. The new enterprise is owned by Montreal entrepreneur Mohammed El Fehdi, plastics recycling entrepreneur, Julie Baumier and local businessman, Rick Tillotson.  Mr. El Fehdi has business interests in Quebec, Vietnam, and Dubai.  Ms. Baumier has a plastics recycling business in Granby, Quebec.


“I decided to locate the expansion of my business in Colebrook in large part because of the outstanding treatment and follow up from the state’s economic development team as well as the facility’s close proximity to our Granby facility and my home in Montréal” said Mohammed. “But for the critical assistance from Beno Lamontagne, Michael Bergeron and even George Bald from the New Hampshire Division of Economic Development, I would  not have considered making this move to New Hampshire.”


Another important factor in El Fehdi’s decision is the partnership with Rick Tillotson who owns former balloon manufacturer, Tillotson Dipped Products Co., Inc., and with his brother Tom, a former glove and auto parts manufacturer, Healthco, LLC.  Both companies formerly operated in the Dixville, NH factory building which belongs to Tillotson Corporation.  The Tillotson’s lease for the Dixville facility was canceled by Tillotson Corporation in 2008, in preparation for selling the hotel.  Because Ocean Properties planned to demolish the factory, in order to accommodate the prospective buyer, Tillotson Corporation contracted with Healthco to remove all the equipment and materials from the building.  Much of the equipment has already been moved to the former Manchester Manufacturing building for storage.  A large glove machine and an eyedropper making machine are scheduled to be moved at the end of the month, with a hoped for closing date on the purchase in September. 


With some initial orders already in hand from Ms. Baumier’s plastics recycling plant in Granby, the Colebrook factory will start processing plastic material for them with some special equipment due to arrive after the closing.  El Fehdi, Baumier and Tillotson will be combining their assets, knowledge and creativity to start and expand this new company in Colebrook.


“I hope this gives our region some optimism for the future, perhaps even a new beginning for this region of the State” said Tillotson. “I can’t say enough about the important help we have received from the NH Economic Development team and how that assistance is allowing us to move ahead and start this exciting new venture.”  Mr. Tillotson has not been connected with Tillotson Corporation management or operations since he publicly spoke against the sale of the Balsams to Ocean Properties.  He was removed as a director of the company in June.  “I feel bad about many of the decisions that have been made in the last year” he said, “but, in my continuing role as a Trustee of the Neil Tillotson Trust, I remain committed to fulfilling his wishes that the assets of his Trust go to benefit the people and communities of this North Country region.”


The company intends to apply for a community development block grant to assist in the purchase of capital equipment and hopes to begin production this Fall.

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