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Top 10 on the Go Snacks

Just because your schedule is jam packed with meetings doesn’t mean that you can’t take the time for a quick snack. Rather than grabbing a bag of chips or candy from the machine in the lunch room, why don’t you try one of the excellent (and healthy) snacks suggested by our good friend and No Bull blogger Melissa Koerner of Friend Your Body.

Friend Your Body is a social enterprise out of Merrimack, NH that educates, inspires, and empowers women to take charge of their lives by transforming their health. 

Healthy fitness & nutrition coach Melissa Koerner is the driving force behind the Friend Your Body movement and is currently spreading her vigor and enhancing communities throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine. 

Friend Your Body operates off these 3 core principles:

 1. Behavior creates change not intention!

2. Creating a healthy body is the only way to sustain healthy weight loss!

3. Simple daily improvements in how you eat, move, think and manage stress result in a healthy body for life!

Check out Melissa’s latest post at  http://friendyourbody.com/profiles/blogs/top-10-on-the-go-snacks and enjoy your snack!!

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