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The Men in Black Take Over the Airwaves…

We’re from the government and we’re here to help you….honestly we are.

Last night, we unveiled a new series of ads that will be running for the next few months on WBIN. The whole premise of our “Men in Black” campaign is that appearances are deceiving and even though we may appear bureaucratic with the business apparel, we are a “roll up your sleeves and get work done” type of operation.

Just the same as this blog issued a “no bull” edict when we launched it back in 2009, we make the same pledge now with this new ad campaign – we take the economy very seriously and we’re always available to help your business no matter where you are in the growth cycle. So get the popcorn ready, gather the family and enjoy our new spots.

Special thanks to our friends at Public Service of New Hampshire for their sponsorship, to WBIN (especially Kathy Schubert and Aaron Hatin) for conducting such fun and professional shoots, to my partner in crime Allen Voivod from Epiphanies Inc. for  always being such a great creative sounding board and collaborator and to Jim Tyrrell (www.jimtyrrell.net) for playing a mean guitar!  

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