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Coffee Klatch

Coffee and a really good blog

We’re continuing to up our game in the social media world with our brand new page on the business networking site, LinkedIn.

Through it, we are looking forward to making new connections with businesses, including those here in New Hampshire and those outside of the Granite State who would like to see how we do business, what the climate is like, where the success stories are – information like that.

So we hope you will click on the link, follow us and recommend us to your friends and colleagues. We’d like to be the kind of site(s) you can enjoy with a cup of coffee.

We’re of an age where if you had said a few years ago words like ‘blog,’ ‘social media,’ or ‘twitter’ (outside the context of enthusiastic chickadees) and how important they would be for business, we would have politely nodded and wondered what was in your coffee.

The Division of Economic Development is at home on the web and you have found one of them here at the No Bull Business Blog, which marked its third anniversary on May 5.

We’re on Facebook and feel the love there, with more than 3,200 fans ‘liking’ us. Among economic development agencies, we’re pretty much out front, with the exception of some place called New York City.

Nearly 3,900 followers catch our Tweets and we also have a YouTube channel.

The mission of the Division of Economic Development is to help maintain and expand business in New Hampshire and to both encourage and promote new industries and businesses.

By using social media, we can act fast to spread a message, to send expertise, knowledge and assistance to those who need it and to those who have it to share.

Along the way, you’ll learn about what makes the New Hampshire economy tick and uptick. In return, we’d like to learn about your business and your success.

So please find us on your favorite forum and follow us – comment on our links, contribute your own, tell us your news and your stories.

In one click, we bring it to you, straight from the Granite State.

And we go well with coffee.

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