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Great Bay Community College: The Start of Great Things

We joined a couple of hundred people yesterday afternoon in Rochester for the grand opening of the Advanced Technology and Academic Center at Great Bay Community College. We toured the bright white room where students are now learning about composite manufacturing and it could be pretty dry stuff, but we were struck by a couple of things.

Alexander and Hunter Uyeno, 9, investigate a composite

Alexander and Hunter Uyeno, 9, investigate a composite

The first were two curious boys – 9-year-old twins – Alexander and Hunter Uyeno. They were wearing safety glasses and intently investigating the displays of equipment and composite materials.

Why were they there? Because their mom, Kerri, was. She is a student there. She enrolled last month and she thought it was time they see “what Mom is doing.” Later in the program, after addresses by Gov. Hassan and President Will Arvelo, she told of being a single mom, of needing a good job and the confidence that in enrolling here, she is on the road to great things.

Alexander and Hunter Uyneno - the future of advanced manufacturing

Alexander and Hunter Uyeno – the future of advanced manufacturing

She also pointed to her boys as being “the face of advanced manufacturing in a couple of years.”


Jonathan Flannery and Gov. Hassan

Jonathan Flannery and Gov. Hassan

Jonathan Flannery also told a very personal story about the loss of two women dearest to him and how, with the support of family and friends, he is finding a future by enrolling in the the program here.


Julie Lapierre

Julie Lapierre

Julie Lapierre is a longtime resident of Rochester. She talked about how she, after last being in a classroom about 40 years ago, she enrolled in the school to start a new career because for her, it wasn’t too late to learn something new.


At the end of a week, we leave you with these snapshots of new beginnings, for Kerri, her boys, Jonathan and Julie, Great Bay Community College, the Seacoast and New Hampshire.

Congratulations and very best wishes!



Lorna Colquhoun

Communications Director

Division of Economic Development



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