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Seven Reasons Why *You* Should Sign Up for an Export Webinar

Rachel Adams is our international trade officer in charge of organizing timely and helpful seminars, webinars and other means of telling New Hampshire businesses why they need to start exporting. -Ed

  1. Rachel Adams-190_pp

    Rachel Adams

    About 2,600 businesses export their goods and services each year to markets abroad and it’s more than likely someone overseas would very much like to buy what you make here in New Hampshire.

  2. You get to listen in on top industry experts who provide more expertise and knowledge to expand your international business.
  3. Exporters have helped create 20,000 jobs in New Hampshire and at least 85% of those exported goods are from small-to-medium-sized businesses.
  4. These sessions save you money compared to expensive training.
  5. Webinars are scheduled at a convenient time (lunchtime hour) and bonus! You get access to the presenter and the presentation.
  6. It’s a good reason to connect with the Office of International Commerce, which can help you with all your exporting needs.
  7. There are two webinars scheduled in August. Click here for more info or contact Rachel Adams.

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