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Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Impact Investing

A recent article on Forbes.com noted that questions about impact investing have undergone a significant shift, from “What is impact investing?” to “How do I do impact investing?”

Three New Hampshire institutions −Live Free & Start, the NH Charitable Foundation and the NH Community Loan Fund − answer that question for Granite State investors and prospective investors. The fifth in a series of public forums, Investing in New Hampshire, will be held from 4:30 t0 7 pm, Sept. 22, at SNS, 775 Industrial Park Rd., Littleton.

“A successful startup ecosystem and strong business climate require, among other things, access to capital,” said Mark Kaplan, a Live Free & Start advisory council member and chairman of its Capital Access committee. “This focus by LFS comes as the state’s five incubators and other economic development groups are creating a vibrant startup ecosystem and angel groups have a desire to become more active. These seminars will educate people about opportunities to invest in New Hampshire, making capital more available to entrepreneurs.”

The forum features representatives of the three presenting organizations describing what they offer to impact investors:

  • Kaplan;
  • John Hamilton, vice president of Economic Opportunity at the NH Community Loan Fund;
  • Kevin Peterson, senior program officer at the NH Charitable Foundation

“Live Free & Start is not an investor or conduit for investment, but it can stimulate and catalyze activities leading to investment,” Kaplan said. “The first step in doing that was a very-well-attended angel conference that has led to new members in angel groups. The next step are these forums, which take a broader view of the opportunities to invest with impact in New Hampshire through other means as well.”

Hamilton said the Community Loan Fund has welcomed impact investments for more than three decades.

“Our options range from Opportunity NH Investments, which pay fixed-rate returns and support job creation and retention, affordable housing, child care and other vital community services, to potentially higher-yield co-investments in growing businesses,” he said.

“We made our very first impact investment in 1971, by providing a loan to preserve historic buildings in Harrisville,” said Peterson. “Working alongside our grant and scholarship dollars, impact investing creates an opportunity to make sizeable, long-term investments to strengthen New Hampshire communities.”

“Through our impact-investment program, we can invest philanthropic capital in innovative business ventures and solid nonprofit organizations aligned with our mission to improve community well-being.”

The presentations will finish at 6 p.m., followed by a networking reception at which attendees can ask questions. All are free and open to prospective and current investors and to philanthropists. This event is for educational purposes only; it’s not intended for individuals or businesses seeking investment or capital.

The seminar is free, but registration is required.

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