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Norwegian-based AutoStore Systems Opens U.S. Headquarters in New Hampshire

Norwegian-based AutoStore Systems celebrates the opening of its U.S. headquarters in Derry this week.

Increased growth in its North American market has led a Norwegian-based company to establish its U.S. headquarters in Derry and this week, AutoStore System celebrated the expansion with a grand opening.

AutoStore is a high-density cube storage system.

AutoStore is a high-density cube storage system, consisting of five standard modules: Robot, port or workstation, grid, bin, and controller. The robots drive on the top of the grid to access inventory store in the bins below. The bins are retrieved, put away and delivered to ports or workstations as requested.

“Due to the continued increase in activity in the North American market, we felt the only decision was to open an office close to this market,” said Paul Roy, managing director – North America.

The new 20,000-square-foot facility, at 3 Corporate Park Dr., will house a U.S.- based team to support the North American market and showcase a fully operational AutoStore grid. The facility will also store spare parts for faster deliveries, as well as offer customer service support, training programs and sales support.


“Having a fully operational grid with eight robots in our Derry facility will allow us to not only store and retrieve our own parts for delivery to our NA partners but also provide a realistic demonstration and training environment for potential customers and partners needing all levels of training,” Roy said.


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