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Global Relief Technologies to be Featured in “First Class Business” Segment

When disaster struck in Haiti last month, Portsmouth-based Global Relief Technologies was quickly on the scene providing the technology necessary to upload critical medical information. Now they’re being hailed as a “First Class Business” as part of Jack Heath’s “New Hampshire Today” show on WTPL 107.7 FM on Wednesday, March 3rd at 4 p.m.

grtGlobal Relief Technologies (GRT) was founded to help organizations in remote, disconnected and extreme environments report critical information in “real time.” They developed the software and the PDAs to help rescue workers and relief organizations like the American Red Cross gather and process information during a crisis. Currently, their satellite linked handheld computers are providing vital medical assessment information which is helping to give Haitian amputees a much higher chance for survival and recovery.

“This is a company that is improving the lives of others not only domestically, but internationally,” said Heath. “In an age where communication is key, this is a technology company that is linking people with important information in the most adverse circumstances.”

GRT Vice President of Operations Art Cleaves, a former Regional Administrator for FEMA Region I, will be the special guest for the segment which will highlight the company’s rapid growth and future plans.

“First Class Business” appears on a monthly basis as part of the “New Hampshire Today” program that runs from 3-5 p.m. Monday through Friday on “The Pulse.” “New Hampshire Today” host Jack Heath and New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development Commissioner George Bald share good news about innovative new products created by New Hampshire companies, community service projects undertaken by local businesses and firms that are thriving despite a tough economic climate.

To listen live, tune in to WTPL 107.7 on Wednesday, March 3rd at 4 p.m. or visit WTPL online at www.wtplfm.com.

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