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Gov. Lynch Announces Workers, Businesses Will Be Able to Enroll in First Part of NH Working on Monday

Gov. John Lynch today announced that starting Monday workers and businesses will able to enroll in the first part of New Hampshire Working, the Governor’s jobs initiative.

Gov. Lynch, joined by lawmakers and Employment Security Commissioner Tara Reardon, announced the launch of the enrollment process that will allow workers to participate in up to six weeks of on-the-job training from a potential employer while continuing to collect unemployment benefits. This launch represents one part of the Governor’s three-part jobs initiative.

workingsessions“This initiative will reduce the upfront costs companies bear in training new workers – making it easier for them to hire. And it will allow workers to get their foot in the door at company looking to hire, giving them the opportunity to show their skills,” Gov. Lynch said.

New Hampshire Working leverages existing resources to help businesses and workers recover from the recession.

“The funding required for these programs is money we are already spending – but with New Hampshire Working we’re spending it better, in a way that is helping companies and workers, and reducing costs for taxpayers,” Gov. Lynch said.

New Hampshire Working, is a three-part approach to help businesses in this economic downturn and help New Hampshire citizens stay at work if they already have jobs, return to work if they are unemployed and ensure that they are ready to work at new jobs.

Senate Bill 501, which is making its way through the legislative process, is required to implement the two other parts of New Hampshire.

Under the other parts of New Hampshire Working, the state will partner with businesses and workers to provide an alternative to layoffs. Companies and workers would agree to reduced hours instead of layoffs, and the state would make up part of the lost wages for workers through unemployment benefits.

Workers would keep their jobs, their health insurance and most of their income. Companies would retain the skilled workers they need to recover. Taxpayers would avoid increased costs as the demand for state services increases as unemployment rises. And, with more people working, New Hampshire’s economy would be stronger.

Under the third part of New Hampshire working, New Hampshire job agencies will develop a plan for assessing the job skills of all newly unemployed workers. Workers will be able to take the results of those assessments to potential employers, giving business owners confidence that new hires will have the necessary skills.

Gov. Lynch has also proposed doubling the state’s job training fund to $2 million a year in 2011 and to allowing Employment Security to use to train unemployed workers.

“I have met a number of our people who everyday are looking for work. We must continue to do everything that we can to help them. That’s the goal of New Hampshire Working. We cannot and will not rest until everyone in New Hampshire who wants a job, can get a job,” Gov. Lynch said.

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