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NH Earns an A+ for Business Friendliness

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

The Thumbtack.com Small Business Survey is out for 2013 and who is at the top of the class for its business friendliness?

That’s right.

New Hampshire.

The state scored an A+ and ranked third for its overall friendliness for small businesses. We are one of just four states in the entire country that earned the top rating and we had the highest grade in New England.

Last year, we came in with an ‘A.’

“This is a very respectable report card for New Hampshire,” said Jeffrey Rose, commissioner of the Department of Resources and Economic Development. “The high marks reflect the state’s commitment to maintaining an environment that encourages businesses and their employees to succeed.”

The 2013 study, the second annual one conducted by the company, draws upon data from over 7,000 small business owners nationwide. Thumbtack.com is an internet marketplace for services.

Last year, New Hampshire ranked 5th in the nation for ease in starting a business; this year, it rose to second place, behind Idaho.

The survey, conducted by the Kauffman Foundation, takes into account things like ease of starting a business (A+); ease of hiring (A+); zoning (A). The lowest score we received was a B for training and networking programs.

New Hampshire members of Thumbtack.com posted notes on doing business in New Hampshire.

It has been very easy doing business in New Hampshire. I feel like it’s up to me whether I succeed.”  Consultant, Sandown

New Hampshire has fewer regulations than Massachusetts, and that makes a big difference for us.”  Builder, Exeter

Got an idea for starting a business here in the Granite State? Start right here.

Lorna Colquhoun
Communications Director
Division of Economic Development

Lights! Camera! Business Friendly New Hampshire!

Monday, March 25th, 2013

The Radio-Canada film crew at the Le Rendevous Bakery in Colebrook.

A film crew from Canada’s largest network is back at its studio in Montreal this week, after spending two intensive days last week delving into New Hampshire’s tax structure.

Beginning in Concord last Monday, the Radio-Canada team talked with Gov. Hassan and our Beno Lamontagne, business resource specialist for northern New Hampshire. No sales tax? No income tax? How does the state operate?

Then it was back on the road, north to Colebrook, where the group spent the day talking with two businesses with roots in France and Quebec, about doing business here. National reporter Maxime Bertrand conducted the interviews in French and the questions were not softball.

Marie-Josee Vaillant, president of Kheops International, speaks with Radio-Canada reporter Maxime Bertrand, center, and producer Francine Doyon.

The morning was spent filming at Kheops International, a wholesaler of New Age items from the 15,000 square-foot building it opened in 2004. Marie-Josee Vaillant, the company president, spoke at length about the reasons why she, her mother and sister located in Colebrook.

In the afternoon, the crew went downtown to the Le Rendevous Bakery and spoke with owner Verlaine Daeron and her partner, Marc Ounis. On a search through northern New England some years ago, the couple from Paris found their way to Colebrook and never left, setting up their bakery in the old First Colebrook Bank.

In addition to the business questions, there were exchanges about the many things in common New Hampshire has with Canada, especially Quebec, which shares our northern border at Pittsburg. The first immigrants to the Granite State, who came down to work the textile mills in Manchester and in the woods north of Berlin and the mills there that made paper for well over a century left a lasting legacy across the state.

“Between our geography and our culture, there is a real connection,” said Lamontagne.

The exact date when the segment on the Late News isn’t set, but the producer said it will be in late April, coinciding with Quebec’s tax day.

Interest in the New Hampshire tax story began last September, when a delegation from the Division of Economic Development went north to the Aero-Montreal Global Supply Chain Summit.

“This interest is a direct result of the Aero-Montreal summit,” said Lamontagne, who was part of the New Hampshire delegation, led by then-Gov. John Lynch, the only governor who attended the event.

Lamontagne and business recruiter Michael Bergeron have made about half a dozen trips to Canada over the past year, which included a dinner for 80 people in Sherbrooke last June to tell them about the benefits of expanding their business to New Hampshire, especially the North Country. In a province that is highly taxed, once business owners get over being incredulous, they are very interested in talking further about opportunities here.

Getting the word out about the business climate here isn’t easy, largely because unlike New York, Vermont and Maine, New Hampshire doesn’t have a television signal that goes over the border, so residents don’t hear a lot about the things that make us unique, very business friendly and eager to welcome our neighbors to north who want to get established in the US markets.


Lorna Colquhoun

Communications Director

Division of Economic Development





AspenTech Puts Down Roots in Nashua

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Robert Mansperger and Zach Watson graduated from college and are at their new jobs at AspenTech in Nashua.

            We’re back from an event this morning that’s exciting on all kinds of fronts – a new company opening in Nashua; a new company opening in Nashua with 75 jobs; a new company opening in Nashua with 75 jobs being filled by just-out-of-college graduates.

            AspenTech, a software company that provides its product and services to the engineering, energy, chemical and construction industries, is now open at 100 Innovation Way, just off exit 1 of the Everett Turnpike – the city’s technology park.

            It’s a fitting location for AspenTech’s newest facility, which is for research and development, and it is populated by young adults, who earned degrees in chemical engineering and computer science from places like the University of New Hampshire; Boston College; Boston University; Carnegie Mellon; Cornell; MIT; Tufts … the list includes several more respected colleges and universities.

            The company’s corporate headquarters is located about 25 miles away, in Burlington, Mass., and decided to expand to New Hampshire, said CEO Mark Fusco, because “New Hampshire is a great place for a growing company to expand its footprint.”

            He also noted that the Granite State’s “low tax structure and business friendly attitude was an important factor in our decision to locate here.”

            Gov. John Lynch was on hand to welcome his friend, and his company, to New Hampshire. Their friendship goes back more than 25 years, to Harvard University, and has spanned years and pond hockey games.

            “AspenTech is bringing good, high-paying jobs to our state, which is great news for the local and state economy,” Lynch said.

            And more than that, a company that hires young people, like Robert Mansperger and Zach Watson, pictured above, is providing a fresh face and energy to Nashua– we definitely felt it on the tour of the facility today. (By the way, here’s the link for AspenTech’s career page … the company is not finished hiring).

            All in all, it was a great day.

             Welcome to New Hampshire!

Lorna Colquhoun

Communications Director

Division of Economic Development