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VetBizGO Virtual Business Accelerator Serving Entrepreneurial Veterans

Friday, January 13th, 2012

VetBizGO Veterans Business Resource NetworkAs Veterans return to civilian life in New Hampshire and across the country, many are considering owning their own business as a viable means for providing for themselves and their families. Stepping up to support this trend are the Knowledge Institute, specialists in entrepreneurial education and virtual resource communities, and the Foundation for Entrepreneurial Research and Development (FERAD), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship. As a public/private collaboration, both organizations have joined forces to create VetBizGO, a new entrepreneurial education and resource community.

“Veterans are ideally suited to succeeding in business,” said, Dr. Deborah Osgood, President of the Knowledge Institute. “Whether inherent or nurtured, Veterans possess a willingness and ability to take calculated risks, as well as be resourceful, resilient and decisive under pressure – all key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.”

VetBizGO is a Virtual Business Accelerator that facilitates connections between Veterans and thousands of government and nonprofit public business assistance programs and educational resources tailored to supporting venture start-up, growth and success. Content is accessible at no cost and is cross-indexed by type of service, type of agency, geographical location, key word and alphabetical title making it easy for Veterans to learn about and connect with a real person in their local area that can help. Most all programs are free and focus on assisting individuals with core business issues such as legal formation, financing, planning, marketing, import/export and government contracting.

“This virtual community provides an important platform for assisting Veterans with attaining financial independence,” said Dr. William Osgood, Chairman of the Board of Directors for FERAD and also a Veteran. “VetBizGO offers the men and women of our military service a way to leverage their skills and abilities far more importantly than just getting a job – it provides an opportunity for them to build their future through self-employment and small business ownership.”

In addition to improving awareness and access to targeted entrepreneurial development programs, VetBizGO also helps to facilitate connections with established Veterans advocacy and networking venues. VET-Force, for example, is a nonprofit organization launched in 1999 that is dedicated to helping Veterans create and grow small businesses. As a coalition of over 200 veteran support organizations representing thousands of veterans nationally, VET-Force presents a strong unified Veteran’s voice advocating opportunities for veterans, particularly disabled veterans, seeking to succeed in small business and self-employment.

“We see VetBizGO as a critical resource for helping Veterans to develop, launch, grow and succeed in their own small businesses,” said Rick Weidman, Chairman of VET-Force,. “Helping Veterans in this way helps them to build their own employment security, add value to local economies, and contribute to the economic growth across America.”

To learn more about VetBizGO, visit www.vetbizgo.org.

New Online Virtual Community for Small Business Launched

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

As part of a continuing effort to connect businesses with the resources and services they need to be successful and grow, and to answer questions growing small businesses may have, the New Hampshire Division of Economic Development yesterday unveiled MyExpertNet.

Dr. William Osgood of the Knowledge Institute looks on as Governor John Lynch announces the unveiling of the MyExpertNet initiative.

Dr. William Osgood of the Knowledge Institute looks on as Governor John Lynch announces the unveiling of the MyExpertNet initiative.

MyExpertNet is a virtual community created through a public-private partnership where small businesses can get answers to business questions from qualified experts, and connect with other members of the business community to share ideas, resources and markets. The initiative is the result of collaboration between the Knowledge Institute, New Hampshire Division of Economic Development, Comcast, Public Service of New Hampshire, Centrix Bank and Unitil.

“Over the last several years we have worked to give businesses the tools needed to help them be successful, to grow their companies and create jobs,” Gov. John Lynch said. Under Gov. Lynch, the State of New Hampshire has reinstated the Job Training Fund, and more than 7,000 workers from across New Hampshire have received enhanced training. The State, which has 7th best business tax environment in the nation, created a Research and Development Tax Credit to help innovative companies grow.

“These have been difficult economic times for our state and our businesses. That is why it is important we continue to work with small businesses to help ensure they have what they need to grow,” Gov. Lynch said. “Through MyExpertNet, small businesses can have their questions answered by one of the many volunteer experts. It is important to connect business people with the information they need to be successful and this is one more way we are doing that.”

Over 40 business professionals have volunteered to serve as experts and provide their time, skills and expertise for the initiative. These experts will cover areas ranging from accounting and energy efficiency to federal contracting and international trade. Additional experts will be added in the future, providing entrepreneurs with the opportunity to have their questions answered by more than one professional in each subject area.

“MyExpertNet is an environment where all participants add value and all receive value a true win-win for all involved,” said Knowledge Institute President/CFO Dr. William Osgood, architect of the initiative. “This innovative concept also represents a model that other states can embrace to further the positive impact in building small business strength across the country. We’re pleased that New Hampshire is, once again, a leader in this critical arena.”

Comcast's Peter Marsh discusses how his company has supported the creation of the new virtual community for small businesses.

Comcast's Peter Marsh discusses how his company has supported the creation of the new virtual community for small businesses.

Major sponsor Comcast has committed to run a MyExpertNet promotional television spot throughout its New Hampshire operating area to help increase awareness of the service.

“Spreading the word about this innovative new initiative ensures that more businesses are given the opportunity to grow and thrive,” said Peter Marsh, Vice President of Business Services for Comcast’s Greater Boston Region. “Comcast is pleased to help small business owners stay focused on growing their business by connecting local owners with the best thought leaders on MyExpertNet.”

“In today’s fast-paced economy, the ability of the public and private sectors to work cooperatively is key in supporting job creation and building an environment where everyone feels responsible for building the economy,” added Public Service of New Hampshire Business Development Manager Gordon Tuttle. “MyExpertNet not only builds closer relationships between the government and the business community, it creates the type of virtual mentorships between experts and entrepreneurs that truly define the term `paying it forward.'”

Sojourn Partners Managing Partner Russ Ouellette, an expert in the “management” category, said that he is pleased to be part of an initiative that allows entrepreneurs to relieve some of their anxiety about business creation and development.

“Anyone who has ever started a business knows that the process is daunting at best and terrifying at worst,” he said. “To have someone who has been through what you’re going through and who is willing to take the time to help you navigate the rough waters is invaluable. This is a great initiative.”

To learn more about MyExpertNet, visit www.myexpertnet.org. Business professionals interested in joining the online expert community are asked to contact Dr. William Osgood at (603) 658-0340 or wro@buzgate.org. To view a list of the registered experts, visit http://www.myexpertnet.org/volunteers.html.