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Get Your Motor Runnin’….

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

What’s the best way to reach an audience? Hang back and wait for them to come to you? Ummmm….no.  That’s why business recruiter Cindy Harrington and I will be taking to the road on Thursday to meet with the affluent and creative Harley-Davidson demographic.

Harley riders are the perfect group to attract to this state – creative, independent, pioneering. They live life to the fullest and truly appreciate the type of values that New Hampshire was built on – individuality, self-reliance and freedom.

Here’s what we’re up to with the “No Bull Business Run”:

What’s the easiest way to attract attention in the midst of leather, lace and roaring engines? Try wearing a business suit while mixing in with the crowd.

New Hampshire’s 86th annual Motorcycle Week is roaring into the state this weekend and the NH Business Resource Center, an office of the NH Division of Economic Development, is capitalizing on the opportunity with its inaugural and certainly hands-on, No Bull Business Run aimed at attracting new businesses to the Granite State.


Named after the NH Division of Economic Development’s new “No Bull Business Blog,” the No Bull Business Run will be led by New Hampshire Division of Economic Development Communications & Legislative Director Steve Boucher and State Business Recruiter Cindy Harrington on Thursday, June 18. 

What’s different about this experiential marketing approach is the duo will be traveling side by side on motorcycles (SEE PHOTOS), Boucher in an ever popular Harley Davidson sidecar and Harrington on the back of a classic Harley Davidson. Donned in business suits, helmets and armed with marketing material cleverly called, the All Access Pass to Business in New Hampshire,  Harrington and Boucher will join the tens of thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts for the Rally in the Valley.  The 80 mile, roundtrip scenic motorcycle cruise starts at Laconia’s Harley Davidson Dealership in Meredith with a pit stop and BBQ at the White Mountain Harley Davidson in North Conway. Teaming up with Anne Deli, owner of both Harley Davidson dealerships, the NH Business Resource Center is tapping into a well sought out demographic in hopes of sparking interest to relocate or start a business in New Hampshire.

“With more than 300,000 motorcycle enthusiasts converging to the state for a 10-day span, we see this as a perfect opportunity to market New Hampshire to this well diversified group, many of whom own their own businesses,” said Boucher. “We want people who are searching for a better lifestyle and better business climate to think of New Hampshire first. These motorcycle enthusiasts will already be experiencing all the recreational benefits New Hampshire offers. We also want them to learn about New Hampshire’s unique business advantages – our low tax status, our open and responsive form of government and our fierce independence. We’ll be motorcycle missionaries spreading the word about a state where the phrase ‘Live Free or Die’ still matters.”


As a business owner and avid motorcycle rider herself, Anne Deli relocated to the state after experiencing the opportunity of owning her own business in New Hampshire.

“We chose New Hampshire because of the excellent business climate and strong demographic,” said Deli.  “This is a good place and this state represents what our values are. For us, the riding in the state is among the best in the country. You also have a lot of people who embrace the motorcycle lifestyle. We are excited to partner and offer our services to the State for the No Bull Business Run. It gives us the opportunity for cross synergy, and to offer our positive experiences as business owners in New Hampshire to our own Harley Davidson customers who have a very wide array of socio-economic backgrounds.”  

As part of the All Access Pass to Business in New Hampshire, motorcyclists who sign up to receive more information about doing business in New Hampshire will be automatically entered into a contest for tickets and a backstage visit with Blake Shelton or LIVE & Candlebox at the Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular Pavilion during Motorcycle Week.

“This is a true public private partnership at its finest,” said NH Division of Economic Development Interim Director Roy Duddy. “The State of New Hampshire is proud to be able to count on its great friends from Meadowbrook and Laconia Harley-Davidson as we hit the road in search of some great new business prospects.” 

To learn more about the New Hampshire Business Resource Center, visit www.nheconomy.com or call (603) 271-2591 or stay in touch through the No Bull Business Blog (blog.nheconomy.com)

– Steve Boucher, Communications & Legislative Director