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On-the-Job Training Offers Employers Up to 90% Wage Reimbursement

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

New Hampshire employers needing new hires can utilize a program that reimburses up to 90% of a new employee’s wages for up to six months of training.

The On-the-Job Training program is offered through the Department of Resources and Economic Development’s Office of Workforce Opportunity.

“While New Hampshire’s unemployment rate is well below the national average, there are still many skilled workers looking for full-time employment,” said Jackie Heuser, Director of the Office of Workforce Opportunity. “The On-the-Job Training opportunity provides employers with a great incentive to hire workers who are eager, trainable and available to re-enter the workforce.”

The training wage reimbursement applies to new hires who have been unemployed 18 weeks or longer. “The average duration of unemployment for a New Hampshire worker is currently over 16 weeks, so we know there are many highly skilled people without work through no fault of their own,” said Heuser. “The On-the-Job Training program provides an incentive to hire such men and women who only need some training to fit the particular job requirements.” For a business with 50 or fewer employees, up to 90% training wage reimbursement is available; a business with 51 to up to 250 workers can receive up to 75 percent; and a business with more than 251 employees up to 50% by utilizing the On-the-Job Training program.

“A key component is that employers are provided a list of qualified candidates, and the employer interviews and makes the selection,” said Heuser. “This is a classic ‘win-win’ situation, where a New Hampshire business owner can be reimbursed while training a new employee they select for their growing company. In addition, the unemployed worker now has a job, pays taxes, and returns to the skilled workforce New Hampshire needs to compete.”

The program can also be combined with other reimbursable job training funds designed to encourage employers to hire both trainable and skilled workers.

Heuser added that several employers have first used the state’s “Return to Work” program to test possible employees’ skills (while the trainee collects unemployment benefits); then entered into the On –the-Job Training reimbursable wage program; and continued employee training with New Hampshire’s very successful Job Training Fund.

For more information on the On-the- Job Training wage reimbursement program, contact Maggie Hinkle, Job Placement Coordinator at 603-889-0531 Ext. 3108 or mhinkle@snhs.org.

“Teachers in Transition” Page Launched

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

A web page dedicated to helping teachers and other educational professionals facing layoffs has been launched on the state’s job training web site.

George Bald, Commissioner of the Department of Resources and Economic Development, said the new page contains valuable information and referral links to assist teachers, paraprofessionals and others who are being laid off due to reduced local school budgets.

The web page, titled “Teachers in Transition” is at www.nhworks.org. It can also be found on the web site of NH Employment Security at http://www.nh.gov/nhes/.

“Many teachers and paraprofessionals are facing uncertain times and often do not know there are other opportunities outside the teaching profession that they may be qualified to pursue,” said Bald. “Teachers in Transition helps provide information on services they may want to access, including unemployment benefits, job match and job search services and links to help them consider other career fields, such as social services, technical fields, adult literacy, counseling, training and health care.

“We want teachers, paraprofessionals and others who may face layoffs due to local budget cuts that there are opportunities in other fields, and the Teachers in Transition web page helps with the immediate tasks of filing for unemployment benefits as well as finding new career paths,” said Tara Reardon, Commissioner of NH Employment Security.

The site also contains referral links to training programs in the state, and links to the public and private post-secondary institutions in New Hampshire, according to Jackie Heuser, Director of the Office of Workforce Opportunity.

The web page was developed by the Office of Workforce Opportunity and its workforce development partner agency, NH Employment Security.

“We still urge those facing employment challenges to visit their local NH Works Career Center,” said Heuser. There are 13 local NH Works Centers located throughout New Hampshire.