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Take Steps to Keep Our Young Professionals in New Hampshire

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

If we aren’t already worried enough about the aging demographic in our state, perhaps we should be. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, New Hampshire is the fourth oldest state in the nation and is growing older at a rate that is higher than the national average.

These facts have ramifications both socially and economically. As older citizens leave the workforce, who will be there to take their place? How do you replace years of institutional knowledge.

That’s why I’m glad that organizations like Stay Work Play and postsecondary institutions like Antioch University are joining together to address the issue and try to stem the tide. Check out this release that just crossed my desk and please make plans to join the discussion on November 18th.

Take Steps to Keep Our Young Professionals in New Hampshire

Thousands of 25-35 year olds can’t find work in New Hampshire. They are smart, capable and eager to stay and work here, but they find it challenging to stay in our state.

Let’s talk about how to solve this urgent problem. Antioch University New England (AUNE) is hosting a statewide peer-to-peer strategy session during a free breakfast, 8:30 to 10:30 a.m., Friday, November 18.

The public is welcome. Join other people from around the state, including representatives from AUNE, New Hampshire Business for Social Responsibility, Stay Work Play, Keene Young Professionals of the Keene Chamber of Commerce, and AUNE’s Net Impact Chapter.

Kate Luczko, executive director of Stay Work Play-New Hampshire, will give a short keynote talk. Stay Work Play-NH <http://www.stayworkplay.org/>  is a nonprofit organization which furthers the goal of the 55% Initiative to encourage at least fifty-five percent of new graduates to stay in New Hampshire. Luczko was formerly program director for New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility (NHBSR). <http://www.nhbsr.org/>

You’ll also be able to meet, Michelle Veasey, NHBSR’s new executive director, who will attend.

‘Catalysts for change’
Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, wrote “…we must be catalysts for change in our own right and exercise our influence and responsibility as business leaders and entrepreneurs.” Schultz calls for a “peer to peer job strategy” that uses a collaborative approach to get people back to work. We want you to be part of this development strategy.

The goal is to identify concrete ways to keep our young professionals living and working in New Hampshire. We want to address this problem and invite you to be part of the solution. We expect our strategy session to come up with concrete action steps on:
• How universities can best prepare their students and young professionals to meet the needs of New Hampshire businesses and nonprofits.
• How nonprofits and businesses in the state can learn about the skills and talents New Hampshire graduates can offer, and create opportunities to hire them, even in tight financial times.
• How we can make sure that young professionals are part of the future of New Hampshire businesses and nonprofits.

8:15-8:30 a.m. Continental Breakfast served
8:30-9:00 a.m. Welcome and keynote speaker
9-10:30 a.m. Facilitated strategy-building conversation

The event is free and open to the public. It will be held in E101 at AUNE. Please RSVP to Stephanie Tickner, stickner@antioch.edu or call 603-283-2418.

Youth Retention Effort Hits Washington Post

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Amazing what a little attention in the Washington Post will do for you. After discussing our cooperative efforts with the simply awesome Stay Work Play organization, I received a call yesterday for an interview with Swedish Public Radio. Who woulda thunk it? Anyhow, here’s the Post story in its entirety:

New England’s Youth Pitch

Matt Marshall is still trying to determine which path he will take when he graduates from the University of New Hampshire in June. But the 23-year-old business major has pinpointed his general direction: out of the state.

“I definitely want to go someplace else. Where, I don’t know, but I’ve lived here all my life,” he said, mentioning a warmer locale as his possible future home. “I hate snow.”

New Hampshire is giving the spiky-haired Mr. Marshall anything but the cold shoulder. With census figures showing New England leads other parts of the U.S. in the decline of its under-45 age group, the Granite State and its neighbors are desperate to keep young people around.

Massachusetts is funding internships at private companies—$2.2 million this year, up from $1 million last year. In a pilot program started in July, Vermont is forking over cash to graduates who stay in the state.

At right, Kate Luczko, executive director of Stay Work Play New Hampshire, which tries to sell the state to college students, answers a question at University of New Hampshire seminar this month. (Photo by Jon Tully for the Journal)

New Hampshire, under the direction of a young-worker retention task force established by Democratic Gov. John Lynch, has launched a nonprofit called Stay Work Play to sell the state to college students. The state also is directing one-third of its entire marketing budget toward wooing and retaining younger people.

“I can’t think of anything more important,” said Steve Boucher, legislative director of the New Hampshire Division of Economic Development.

Despite New Hampshire’s relatively low unemployment rate of 5.4% as of September, officials have found that about half of all college students leave the state after graduation, believing they need to head to a big city to find a robust social life.

Among the events planned is a “college invasion tour,” featuring comedians and concerts, to help show a fun alternative to New Hampshire’s “traditional Yankee” side, Mr. Boucher said.

Regional officials say their retention programs are new, so they are still measuring the effects. Students who have been courted by the states have mixed reviews.

Ariana Chehrazi, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology senior, had been planning to return to her native Los Angeles after graduation, but changed her mind after landing a summer internship at a diagnostics firm through the state program. Los Angeles doesn’t “have the same feel as wanting to keep you here.…Massachusetts is trying harder to get young people,” she said.

But 22-year-old Brian Iwanicki, a New Hampshire native, said it wasn’t easy to find “a hip place that a young professional might want to go” in Manchester, New Hampshire’s biggest metropolis. “It’s a short list,” he said.

Still, 10 networking groups for young professionals have cropped up across New Hampshire—which state leaders see as an indicator that retention efforts are working.

The loss of young people is one factor in New England’s slow growth, which puts the region at the forefront of a nationwide aging trend. State leaders in the region say innovation depends on smart, young people and many officials see the signs of that base dwindling. Maine Gov. Paul LePage, a Republican, said last week that employers have been complaining to him about a shortage of skilled workers.

Another worry: potential loss of political clout. States that lost congressional seats after the latest census were primarily in the Midwest and Northeast, including Massachusetts.

New England’s population grew 3.8% in a decade, the 2010 census found, compared with the U.S.’s 9.7% overall growth. The population continues to shift South and West because of a combination of weather, cost of living and relatively low-skilled jobs for newcomers, said Brookings Institution demographer William Frey.

With fewer people arriving, New England leads in the graying of its population. Of just seven states with a median age of 40 or older, four are in New England: Maine (42.7), Vermont (41.5), New Hampshire (41.1) and Connecticut (40.0). There are bright spots—Boston continues to gain young people—but each New England state saw a decline in the under-45 group. Meantime, Arizona’s under-45 population jumped 16%.

On a recent night, Stay Work Play New Hampshire visited the University of New Hampshire’s Manchester campus. “It’s easy to get the perception there is nothing to do…but I’m constantly amazed that there is a lot of stuff happening” in the state, said Kate Luczko, the program’s executive director.

The message rang true to Brian Bishop, a 22-year old who said he wouldn’t likely head South or West. “I lived in Florida for a year and a half,” he said, with a sour expression. “It’s too slow-paced, too much small talk. Here we try to get things done.”

College Students Get Grand Slam Opportunity Thanks to Partnership

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

You can hit one out of the park in New Hampshire. That’s the message that a team of public and private sector partners want to deliver to young people exploring life in the Granite State following graduation.

The New Hampshire Division of Economic Development, Stay Work Play, Public Service of New Hampshire and the Futures Collegiate Baseball League have joined forces to offer a free night at the Nashua Silver Knights and Seacoast Mavericks games next Friday evening, July 29th to any current college students displaying a valid college ID.

“We want to send a clear message that New Hampshire is not only a great place to live and build a business, it is also a state with plenty of entertainment offerings,” New Hampshire Division of Economic Development Communications & Legislative Director Steve Boucher said. “You don’t have to travel to Boston to have a great night out – there’s plenty to do right here in the most livable state in the nation.”

Created in 2009, the Stay Work Play organization seeks to expose more young people to the advantages of remaining in or returning to New Hampshire. The overall effort builds off the work of the University System of New Hampshire (USNH) and partnering organizations that established the 55% Initiative in 2007. That effort set a goal of encouraging at least 55% of the new graduates to stay compared to approximately 50% who currently stay.

Stay Work Play NH, Inc. was established as a nonprofit organization to further the 55% Initiative, support and advance several recommendations made by the Governor’s Task Force on Young Worker Retention, and serve as an independent organization to run a website and associated marketing effort geared at providing comprehensive information on what New Hampshire can offer to the 20-30 year old demographic in terms of staying, working, and playing here.

 “We feel like New Hampshire has an incredible story to tell and it’s public/private partnerships like this that demonstrate that this state is truly committed to retaining its best and brightest talent,” said Stay Work Play Executive Director Kate Luczko. “Getting young people out to network at a fun event like a baseball game is just one way to begin establishing the type of relationships that lead to the great quality of life New Hampshire is known for.”

Thanks to a partnership with the two New Hampshire-based teams in the four-team Futures Collegiate Baseball League, college students will get free admission to either the Nashua Silver Knights game vs. the Martha’s Vineyard Sharks at Holman Stadium at 7:05 p.m. or the Seacoast Mavericks game vs. the Torrington Titans at Bert George Field at 6:35 p.m. Both games are slated for Friday, July 29th.

“We’re really excited to be partnering with Public Service of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Division of Economic Development to advance the good work already started by Stay Work Play,” said Futures Collegiate Baseball League Commissioner Chris Hall. “We’re fortunate to have two of our inaugural franchises located right here in New Hampshire.  The Nashua Silver Knights and Seacoast Mavericks provide a family friendly and affordable experience for all ages.  Both cities have a deep history of business development and community support and we feel that these franchises provide a great social experience to the area.”

Public Service of New Hampshire has long supported economic development promotion in the state of New Hampshire and sees its participation as a logical extension of its business development efforts.

“We are absolutely committed to continuing to build a work class workforce and to getting involved in efforts that create a positive business atmosphere in New Hampshire,” Public Service of New Hampshire Economic & Community Development Manager Pat McDermott said. “This isn’t simply a matter of getting young people out to a ballgame, it’s about showcasing New Hampshire’s entertainment offerings and building the connections that enrich communities for the long run.”

For more information about Stay Work Play, visit www.stayworkplay.org. For more information about the Nashua Silver Knights, visit www.nashuasilverknights.com and for more information about the Seacoast Mavericks, visit www.seacoastmavericks.com.

UNH, NHBSR Launch Certificate in Corporate Sustainability

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

The professional Certificate in Corporate Sustainability was announced today by the University of New Hampshire and New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility (NHBSR). The certificate program is directed toward mid-level and senior professionals seeking to increase knowledge and functional skills in the practices and principles of corporate sustainability.

UNH’s Whittemore School of Business & Economics and Sustainability Academy partner with NH Businesses for Social Responsibility to launch a new professional Certificate in Corporate Sustainability.

The Institute focuses on tools, techniques and solutions for implementing environmentally and socially responsible business practices. Topics taught will cover people, profit and planet — from triple bottom line financing and understanding how environmental trends affect the business world to employee and stakeholder engagement.

“The professional Certificate in Corporate Sustainability fills a gap that our members say has been missing for years,” says Kate Luczko, interim executive director of NHBSR. “And it reflects the fact that sustainability in business isn’t a trendy concept but an integral part of how companies do business today.”

The Certificate in Corporate Sustainability program launches with a three day Institute, which will be held October 4-6, 2011 at UNH’s Durham campus and led by UNH faculty, regional business leaders and a supportive cohort of peers. After completion of the Institute, students will conduct an independent, mentor-supported workplace project. The program offers continuing education credit for professionals.

Participants may register at www.nhbsr.org/certificate – space is limited. NHBSR members receive a 15% discount.

The Certificate in Corporate Sustainability is presented by Timberland, a business pioneer in sustainability.

“The Certificate will equip a new crop of business leaders with the tools they need to implement meaningful change in their organizations,” states Mark Newton, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility at Timberland. “The program not only provides these participants with CSR training and tools, but also supports them in translating their learning into action – a critical component to ensuring the success of the program and its goals.”

“We are excited to partner with NHBSR in providing businesses with the latest sustainability knowledge and tools,” says WSBE dean Dan Innis. “Both UNH and NHBSR are driving the growing green economy in New Hampshire. Green business makes sense both environmentally and economically, and it is important that business leaders understand how to apply sustainability concepts to their products and services.”

Antioch University New England Named NHBSR 2011 Cornerstone Award Recipient

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Antioch University New England was named the 2011 Cornerstone Award winner by New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility (NHBSR) at NHBSR’s 8th Annual Spring Conference at the Grappone Conference Center in Concord, NH. 

Governor John Lynch (middle) and NHBSR Interim Executive Director, Kate Luczko (right), present the 2011 NHBSR Cornerstone Award to Antioch University of New England, represented by Tracey Thompson (left), Vice President of Institutional Advancement. (Photo courtesy of Matthew Lomanno Photography)

Governor John Lynch (middle) and NHBSR Interim Executive Director, Kate Luczko (right), present the 2011 NHBSR Cornerstone Award to Antioch University of New England, represented by Tracey Thompson (left), Vice President of Institutional Advancement. (Photo courtesy of Matthew Lomanno Photography)

“NHBSR is honored to present the 2011 Cornerstone Award to Antioch University New England,” said NHBSR Interim Executive Director Kate Luczko. “Antioch has been a long-time engaged member of NHBSR and has demonstrated their commitment to corporate social responsibility. They continue to strive to do more and they serve as a role model for other NH organizations to follow.”

Antioch University New England, founded in 1964, and based in Keene, New Hampshire, serves 1,000 students and is a dynamic, innovative institution offering scholarly, practice-oriented graduate study. They have a history of high academic standards, integration of work and study, commitment to bypassed populations, and learner responsibility all intertwined with the New England traditions of self-reliance, small-community values and private action for the public good.

Their community engagement efforts go well beyond that of their organization, but also include providing “transformative education through scholarship, innovation, and community action for a just and sustainable society.” Antioch University New England educates leaders who want to create or work in organizations that are successful, effective, sustainable, and socially and environmentally responsible. Their Green MBA, is ranked in the top 5 nationally by Net Impact. 

Antioch has implemented numerous energy-saving measures not only in office areas, but academic spaces as well. This year they launched Community Garden Connections to work with local human service agencies to address problems of food security by supporting the establishment of community gardens and accompanying educational programming. Their Green MBA students engage in multiple projects through which students assist businesses in putting CSR practices to work, such as COOL MONADNOCK, a three-year project that is working to achieve significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in the Monadnock Region and the 10% Challenge, a collaborative effort between Antioch and the City of Keene, through which students assist Keene businesses in voluntarily reducing green house gas emissions by 10%. They currently have 30 businesses participating.

The two other finalists for this year’s Cornerstone Award were: Northeast Delta Dental and Sequoya Technologies Group.

The NHBSR Cornerstone Award is presented every year at the NHBSR Spring Conference to a company, organization or individual that exemplifies the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and promotes the concepts of CSR to the greater business community within the state of New Hampshire.
This year’s NHBSR Spring Conference, titled “Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility into Your Core Business Strategy,” focused on how businesses can fully incorporate more sustainable practices into all aspects of their organization including saving resources and creating a return on investment. The conference incorporated a variety of “green” elements including carbon offset, recycling, minimizing waste and sustainable menu choices.
Additionally, the conference featured an energetic and engaging networking session, numerous morning and afternoon educational breakout sessions, a CEO Panel Discussion, a Silent Auction, and a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability book store.

NHBSR Spring Conference Planned

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility’s (NHBSR) Spring Conference, “Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility into Your Core Business Strategy,” will take place on Monday, June 13, 2011 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Grappone Conference Center at the Courtyard Marriott in Concord, NH.

nhbsr“Corporate social responsibility isn’t just a good business practice, it also adds to your company’s bottom line,” said NHBSR Interim Executive Director Kate Luczko. “This conference will not only help your business to better meet the needs of your clients and employees, it will also provide you with information you need to grow your business in a sustainable way.”

The conference features a lively morning networking session, the presentation of the NHBSR Cornerstone Award, four educational breakout sessions, and an afternoon CEO panel.
These educational sessions, which will offer real world suggestions that are appropriate and applicable to any size company, include “New Hampshire’s Changing Workforce: The Growing Need for Flexibility,” “Successfully Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility into Your Core Strategy and Culture,” “Current Trends in Managing Corporate Citizenship,” and “Managing Sustainability Performance with the Balanced Scorecard.”

At noon, Lisa Hardin Berghaus, Marketing Specialist, Monadnock Paper Mills, NHBSR Board Member and Spring Conference Co-Chair, will introduce Governor John Lynch who will present NHBSR’s annual Cornerstone Award to a company that exemplifies the principles of corporate social responsibility and promotes the concepts of CSR to the greater business community within the state of New Hampshire. The finalists for this year’s Cornerstone Award are: Antioch University, Sequoya Technologies Group, and Northeast Delta Dental.

“NHBSR is delighted to recognize one of our members with this award. It’s a fantastic way to highlight outstanding work in the field of social responsibility and sustainability and provides a important example to our New Hampshire community,” Luczko said.

C&S Wholesale Grocers was the proud recipient of the 2010 NHBSR Cornerstone Award for their efforts in feeding the hungry, promoting environmental awareness and encouraging employee volunteerism.

Here’s a brief overview of this year’s nominees:

Northeast Delta Dental
Northeast Delta Dental specializes in the administration of dental programs. It is their mission to be the leading force in the dental prepayment marketplace by offering quality, versatile and affordable dental programs to benefit their purchasers, subscribers, and participating member dentists. They have created a corporate environment built upon high trust and mutual respect. They are a values-driven company that successfully balances profitability and socially-responsible initiatives. Their leadership team follows the principles of servant leadership, enabling all employees, customers, and stockholders to be free from bureaucratic red tape, to self-actualize, and to have a delightful experience with Northeast Delta Dental.

Antioch University New England
Since its founding in 1964, Antioch University New England (ANE) has supported the tenets of Corporate Social Responsibility, and as its mission, provides transformative graduate study education through scholarship, innovation, and community action for a just and sustainable society. Antioch University New England supports CSR in three ways. Antioch operate the business of running a university using CSR principles, they educate their students in CSR principles, and through many of their student practices and internships, they help businesses and organizations locally and throughout New England recognize and begin to adopt CSR principles.

Sequoya Technologies Group
Sequoya is a managed IT services and software design firm specializing in meeting the needs of small businesses in southern New Hampshire. They’re located in Peterborough and provide IT support throughout the greater Monadnock region, including Keene, Concord, Manchester, and Nashua. They’ve also performedsoftware development projects for clients in New York, Denver, and beyond. They have a dedicated team of technicians, network engineers, and software developers. Sequoya truly believes in the values of a supportive and enjoyable work environment, with many benefits that are unusual for a company of only seven people, including flexible work schedules, paid vacation and sick leave, health insurance for both full-time and part-time staff, and more.

Following the Cornerstone Award Presentation there will be a CEO Panel Discussion, a new feature for the conference. The moderator is Jon Greenberg, Executive Editor at NH Public Radio, and panelists include Gerardine Ferlins, President/CEO of Cirtronics Corporation, Nannu Nobis, founder and CEO of Nobis Engineering, Inc., Doug Vincent, President and CEO of Design Mentor, Inc, Walter Chapin, Co-founder and CEO of Company C, Inc., and John Hamilton, Vice President of Economic Opportunity at the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund. Following the CEO Panel Discussion there will be a short break and the Educational Breakout Sessions from the morning will repeat.

Over twenty-five socially responsible exhibitors will be showcasing their products and services throughout the conference, as well as the Silent Auction and Sustainability Book Store.

This event is made possible by the generosity of many sponsors.  Conference Leaders: FairPoint Communications, Normandeau Associates, the New Hampshire Community and Development Finance Authority, Monadnock Paper Mill and Hannaford. Conference Partners; Public Service of New Hampshire, and PAX World. AM Networking sponsor is Nixon Peabody LLP. CEO Panel sponsor is NH Community Loan Fund. Carbon Offset for this event was sponsored by C&S Wholesale Grocers. The Tote-bag sponsors are Northeast Delta Dental and Hypertherm. Design, paper and printing were provided by Baker Salmon Design, Monadnock Paper Mill and RAM Printing. NHBSR web marketing is sponsored by SilverTech.

The cost is $125 for any NHBSR member, $150 for non-members, $50 for non-profits and $30 for students.

For more detailed information about the Spring Conference, please visit http://www.nhbsrconference.org/ or contact Interim Executive Director, Kate Luczko at kate@nhbsr.org, (603) 391-7437. For more information about NHBSR, visit our website at www.nhbsr.org

10th NH Young Professional Network Launched

Friday, January 21st, 2011

New Hampshire now has its 10th young professional network, the Central NH Young Professionals Group (CNHYPG), based in Plymouth and a partner of the Plymouth Regional Chamber of Commerce.

young-workers“The CNHYP is a great addition to our region, as we are hoping to attract new layers of people who do not traditionally seek out a chamber of commerce for support,” said Plymouth Regional Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Scott Stephens. “With this kind of group we can get more professionals interested in networking and getting involved in their community.”

Stay Work Play has created a young professional advisory group to bring representatives from all 10 young professional networks (YPN) together monthly to share upcoming events and news, best practices, allow mentoring from more established groups to those just arriving on the scene, and offer ways to help the YPNs.

“We truly value our role as a convener of young professional organizations throughout the state and as an ambassador to the business community,” said Stay Work Play Executive Director Kate Luczko. “Stay Work Play, the young professionals organizations and our many business partners share the same goal of retaining our best and brightest minds and building the strongest possible economy in New Hampshire.”

The other nine, regionally based, young professionals networks include: Catapult (Seacoast), Concord (CYPN), HYPE: Helping Young Professionals Excel (Salem), iUGO (Nashua), Keene, Lakes Region (LRYP), Manchester (MYPN), Mt. Washington Valley (MWVYPN), and the Young Professionals of Sullivan County. Collectively these groups have close to 10,000 NH young professional members.

Join Stay Work Play and network with young professionals from across NH at a Manchester Monarchs’ hockey game on Saturday, January 29th at 7:00 p.m. Details may be found at: https://www.monarchsjungle.com/stay-work-play-night

New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility Launches 2011 Sustainability Webinar Series

Monday, January 10th, 2011

New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility (NHBSR) is proud to announce the launch of their 2011 Sustainability Webinar Series.

nhbsr-webinarThe NHBSR monthly Webinar Series offers NHBSR members an innovative opportunity to publicize corporate social responsibility (CSR) best- practices to like-minded businesses in a real-time, interactive forum. The series is uniquely designed to be accessible to the New Hampshire business community and beyond. The convenient and easy to use format enables businesses to connect around CSR issues and learn ways to become more environmentally sustainable, improve workplace culture, support local communities, all while boosting the bottom line. Furthermore, webinars are environmentally friendly. While nothing will ever replace the value of interpersonal exchanges, the webinar series provides a venue to learn and share from each other while lessoning carbon emissions.

“Now in our third year of providing best practices and expertise on corporate social responsibility and sustainability for busy business professionals, NHBSR has developed a great line-up yet of valuable ‘bottom line oriented’ webinars. The 2011 series includes subject matter for a variety of audiences including; human resource directors, marketing professionals, environmental managers and the C-Suite,” said NHBSR Executive Director Molly Hodgson Smith.

The 2011 Webinar Series will kick off this Wednesday, January 12th with Sustainability Strategy for the Long Haul, followed by Promoting Sustainability – Inside and Out on February 9, Nonprofit Board Service: What You Need to Know on March 9, Why Build Green? You Do the Math! on April 13, Empowering (and Connecting) Employees to Work Remotely on May 11, Green Paper, Green Forests on June 8, How to Build a Workplace Culture of Leadership and Engagement on September 14, Management Systems and Sustainability at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters on October 12, Solidifying a Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility and Beyond on November 9, and Corporate Social Responsibility 2.0 and Beyond: The Next Challenges and Opportunities for Corporate Leadership on December 14.

Webinars are free to all employees of NHBSR member companies and $25 for non-members. Regular series webinars take place on the second Wednesday of each month at noon. Attendance on NHBSR’s webinars is typically over 25 business professionals including owners, CEO’s, and middle/upper management personnel.

NHBSR is a statewide not-for-profit membership organization that fosters socially and environmentally responsible business, recognizing that people, principles and profits must be linked. To register for a webinar or to learn more about NHBSR, please visit www.nhbsr.org, email Program Director Kate Luczko at kate@nhbsr.org or call (603) 391-7437.

SWP to Host Web Site Launch Party

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

New Hampshire’s Super Secret Project will help Stay Work Play, Inc. kick off their website launch party and college tour, sponsored by Citizens Bank.  The event, which is free to the public, will be held at Boynton’s Taproom in Manchester on Thursday, October 7, 2010. 

The kickoff event will feature a live performance of the New Hampshire-themed music video “Granite State of Mind” by the Super Secret Project. Invited dignitaries include Governor John Lynch and Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas. In addition, there will be ample networking opportunities with young professionals and leaders from across the state.

stay-work-play-logo“We believe that a bank should contribute to the growth and vibrancy of its communities, said Cathleen A. Schmidt, president of Citizens Bank.  “We are excited to partner with Stay Work Play to help encourage more college students to stay, work and play in New Hampshire after graduation.  The Stay Work Play website features all of the opportunities that the granite state has to offer to the young workforce today and serves as a reliable networking portal.”

super-secret-projectPlanned for the fall and winter, the college campus tour will bring entertainment to a few New Hampshire college campuses to engage students and encourage them to use the Stay Work Play web site at www.stayworkplay.org and organization as a resource for launching a career in New Hampshire.  Stay Work Play is rapidly building a following on Facebook and Twitter and traffic has been building steadily since the beta launch of the site over the summer. The Stay Work Play website includes hundreds of links to other websites, as well as information, photos, and content that is divided into sections that relate to staying, working, and playing in New Hampshire. Special features include linkages to all of the young professionals networks across the state, to Facebook and Twitter feeds, a living index, and resources regarding jobs in the state, housing, events, and activities.
“As an organization, we have some great momentum right now and really look forward to the launch party, college road trip, and gaining more feedback so we can make the Stay Work Play website and other outreach efforts as effective and meaningful as possible,” said Chris Williams, co-chair of the Stay Work Play Board and President of the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce. 

Stay Work Play is a non-profit organization established in 2009 to build off the work of the 55% Initiative, an effort originally launched by the University System of New Hampshire to help encourage more college students to stay work and play in the state after graduation.  The effort gained additional support through the work of the Governor’s Task Force on Young Worker Recruitment and Retention, which recommended the creation of an independent organization to lead an effort to serve younger workers in the state and create a web portal that could serve their informational and networking needs.

Over the next several months, the organization plans to add in a customized events calendar, enhance the job search component, launch a video contest, and assist with an event that will recognize companies and individuals who excel at addressing the needs of younger workers in New Hampshire. 
Stay Work Play was incorporated in 2009 by the heads of the University System of NH, the Business and Industry Association of NH, the NH High Tech Council, the NH College and University Council, and the NH Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED).  Its charter partners, Fidelity Investments, Delta Dental, Comcast, SilverTech, and DRED provided initial support to develop the site, and the organization is now supported through sponsors of the website.  More information on the organization and on sponsorship opportunities can be found on the website, www.stayworkplay.org. For details on the event, http://stayworkplay.eventbrite.com, or contact Executive Director, Kate Luczko, kate@stayworkplay.org, (603) 860-2245.

Hypertherm Captures NHBSR Cornerstone Award

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Wow! That’s all I can say after yesterday’s NH Businesses for Social Responsibility 6th Annual Spring Conference.  I’ve always enjoyed being around people who are doing the right thing for the right reasons and yesterday I was surrounded by business leaders who are truly making a positive difference in their communities. Here’s a brief write-up about the event. Special thanks to Kate Luczko at NHBSR for all of her background work and copywriting and to NHBSR Executive Director Molly Hodgson Smith for allowing me to serve on the board of this fantastic organization.

Hypertherm was named the 2009 Cornerstone Award winner by New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility (NHBSR) at NHBSR’s 6th Annual Spring Conference at the Grappone Conference Center in Concord, NH.


“It’s entirely fitting that we are honoring Hypertherm at a conference that is celebrating sustainability and corporate citizenship,” said NHBSR Executive Director Molly Hodgson Smith. “With a corporate culture that focuses on care for the community and the environment, Hypertherm is a company that sets the pace in terms of ‘doing well by doing good.’”

Based in Hanover, this world class plasma cutting manufacturer consistently partners with organizations and engages in activities that strengthen and create sustainable, positive change in the communities and environment. The Hypertherm Owners’ Philanthropic Endeavors (HOPE) program fulfills the company’s commitment to share its success with the community. The program’s focus is on promoting the well-being of children and families by supporting organizations in the areas of arts and education, affordable housing, healthcare and the environment. Over the past several years, millions of dollars and thousands of volunteer hours have been donated to nonprofit organizations.

The four other finalists for this year’s Cornerstone Award were: Antioch University New England, BAE Systems, Electronics, Intelligence & Support, Stonyfield Farm and Simply Green Biofuels.

The NHBSR Cornerstone Award is presented every year at the NHBSR Spring Conference to a company, organization or individual that exemplifies the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and promotes the concepts of CSR to the greater business community within the state of New Hampshire.

This year’s NHBSR Spring Conference, titled “Sustainability – The New Frontier For Revenue Growth,” focused on how businesses can incorporate more sustainable practices in the workplace while saving resources and creating a return on investment.

The conference incorporated a variety of ‘green’ elements including carbon offset, recycling, minimizing waste and sustainable menu choices.

Additionally, the conference featured two prominent keynote speakers; Andrew Savitz, Author, The Triple Bottom Line: How Today’s Best-Run Companies Are Achieving Economic, Social and Environmental Success, and Dr. Tom Kelly, Director, Office of Sustainability, University of New Hampshire. It also featured numerous morning and afternoon educational breakout sessions, lunchtime CSR discussion circles, and a “Green Drinks” themed cocktail hour to end the day. To learn more about NHBSR, visit www.nhbsr.org.

– Steve Boucher, Communications & Legislative Director