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FreePriceAlerts.com Named August “Innovation Rocks!” Award Winner

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

As consumers tighten their belts in this tough economy, finding the best online price becomes an imperative. A New Hampshire entrepreneur has met the challenge by developing a free plug-in for the web or mobile apps that installs instantly and enables consumers to find the best possible price.

To recognize this achievement, the New Hampshire Division of Economic Development announced today that MyVBO has been named August “Innovation Rocks!” award winner for FreePrice Alerts’ free plug-in that was developed as one of several apps offered in a suite through MyVBO and the website FreePriceAlerts.com.

Using the app is simple. Users start shopping the way they always do on sites like Amazon, Overstock, Walmart and others. If the product they’re looking at is offered at a better price elsewhere, FreePriceAlert pops up with details on the savings and a link to where the item can be purchased at a better price. The app also offers consumers the ability to set a price alert for a particular item, and when the item hits that price, they will be notified by e-mail or through a mobile app. 

MyVBO Owner Bob Wilkins, who spent more than a decade as executive vice president of PC Connection, has started five companies during his career, which has been primarily in the technology and reseller industry. Wilkins has three pending patents on the FreePriceAlerts, and affiliate agreements with numerous vendors, which enable his company to receive revenue on every sale in which the consumer uses the price alert to make a purchase through a participating vendor. 

“Already tens of thousands of people are using the FreePriceAlerts app and saving money,” said New Hampshire Division of Economic Development Communications & Legislative Director Steve Boucher. “It’s exciting that a New Hampshire company has been able to develop a truly innovative product and offer it for free to consumers, while creating a solid, income-producing business model.”

For more information about the free application, visit www.FreePriceAlerts.com. For more on MyVBO (My Virtual Business Office), visit www.myvbo.com.

“Innovation Rocks!” is an initiative to celebrate the creativity and ingenuity of New Hampshire innovators. The program is sponsored by the New Hampshire Division of Economic Development in coordination with Rock 101 (WGIR-FM). For more information, visit www.nheconomy.com.