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Shelburne Plastics Relocates to Londonderry

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Shelburne Plastics has relocated its New Hampshire manufacturing operations from Manchester to Londonderry where it expanded its operation to 35,000 square feet at 27 Industrial Drive.

New Hampshire Division of Economic Development Business Development Manager Michael Bergeron assisted Shelburne in evaluating the benefits of staying and growing in New Hampshire and connected them with NH Business Finance Authority (BFA) Director Jack Donovan. The BFA provided a $750,000 energy efficiency loan for the purchase of new capital equipment.

Shelburne Plastics has been in business over twenty-five years and supplies high quality HDPE and Polypropylene bottles and containers to the dairy, water, juice, chemical and food markets throughout the Eastern United States and Eastern Canada.

Shelburne Plastics has its corporate office in South Burlington, Vermont and has manufacturing sites in South Burlington, Londonderry, New Hampshire and Jessup, Maryland. 

“Michael Bergeron and Jack Donovan provided excellent service to me in this important decision to expand in New Hampshire,” said Shelburne Plastics President and CEO Eugene Torvend. “With a loan from the NH Business Finance Authority, we were able to move two production lines from our Maryland facility to New Hampshire, purchase new equipment and retain 25 jobs.”

Shelburne supplies high quality HDPE and Polypropylene bottles and containers to the dairy, water, juice, chemical and food markets throughout the Eastern United States and Eastern Canada. 

Shelburne plans an open house for the first quarter of 2012.  For further information on the company, visit www.shelburneplastics.com.

Economic Development Group Offers Free Video Services to Companies Affected by Japan Crisis

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

The Coastal Economic Development Corporation (CEDC), in partnership with the NH Business Finance Authority; the NH Community Development Finance Authority and the NH Division of  Economic Development has announced that it will offer free use of the Coastal Video Conference Center, located in Hampton, NH, to any New Hampshire business affected by the crisis in Japan.

video-conferenceIn announcing this service, Daniel Gray, CEDC’s Managing Director noted that, “Japan is NH’s 10th most active export partner. In 2009, for example, New Hampshire businesses exported $179 million in goods and services to Japan.  That’s a fairly significant piece of our State’s economic puzzle”.

The US Government has issued a statement that strongly urges U.S. citizens to defer travel to Japan at this time and urges that those in Japan should consider departing.

The Coastal Video Conference Center is a state-of-the-art telepresence system that offers high definition, multi-point video conferencing capabilities.  The dual screen system offers a platform that can connect up to six (6) locations simultaneously, with the ability to share content and presentations.  CEDC opened the Center in 2010.

“Video conferencing is becoming a trend under normal business circumstances”, said Gray.  “It’s a very economical, time-effective, and environmentally friendly way to arrange long distance meetings.  But, with the crisis in Japan, and with the resulting travel restrictions, video conferencing could just be the only way some New Hampshire businesses can replace those face-to-face meetings that absolutely need to take place.  While the two participants might not be in the same room, with the technology we are offering, they may as well be”.

The NH Business Finance Authority, the NH Community Development Finance Authority and the NH Division of Economic Development, have teamed together to provide grant funding and support to allow CEDC to offer the Center to affected businesses for free.

“New Hampshire is fortunate to have these forward-thinking agencies.  They came together quickly to address an unforeseen economic development problem, and their support will give New Hampshire businesses a tool to overcome challenges associated with this terrible tragedy.”, said Gray.

Companies interested in learning more about this new program should contact Coastal Economic Development Corporation at 603-929-9244 or videoinfo@coastaledc.org

Free Business Recruitment Session to be Held

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Business incentives, job training and financing will be the main focus of a free State of New Hampshire presentation to be held for companies in southern Cheshire County on Tuesday, June 1st at 5:30 p.m. at the Winchester Town Hall.

Senator Molly Kelly

Senator Molly Kelly

Organized by the New Hampshire Division of Economic Development (DRED) and hosted by Senator Molly Kelly (D-Keene), this session will discuss how towns can recruit new companies to the area and will also provide an overview of free government incentives for in-state businesses. Guest speakers will include New Hampshire Division of Economic Development Business Development Manager Michael Bergeron and Business Recruiter Cindy Harrington as well as New Hampshire Business Finance Authority Director Jack Donovan and MicroCredit-NH Regional Manager Peggy O’Keefe.

“This is a great opportunity for local business owners and prospering entrepreneurs to learn what’s available in terms of resources and programs,” said Senator Kelly. “Economic development is of vital importance to community vitality and this presentation will provide participants with an excellent forum to discuss new ideas and growth strategies.”

There are various State incentives available to the business community including energy audits, ERZ tax credits, opportunities to sell products and services to the federal government and research and development tax credits.

“Having knowledge of these opportunities can help a company to grow rapidly and maximize profits,” said New Hampshire Division of Economic Development Interim Director Roy Duddy. “Getting educated makes perfect business sense.”

Public Service of New Hampshire is sponsoring free light refreshments at the session. To pre-register and learn more, contact Michael Bergeron at (603) 271-2591 or mbergeron@dred.state.nh.us.