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5 Questions: Jeff Feingold, New Hampshire Business Review

Friday, August 14th, 2015

With so many ways to get the news of the minute, hour, day or week, the sheer volume can take up valuable time. In New Hampshire, we’re fortunate to have venerable publications that devote space and talent to covering the people, trends and opinions about the businesses and industries that keep our economy humming. Today’s guest is Jeff Feingold, editor of the bi-weekly NH Business Review, who does, in fact, mind our business and offers his tips for getting his publication’s attention about your news.

Jeff Feingold ~ NH Business Review

Jeff Feingold ~ NH Business Review

1. What kinds of business news are you looking to publish these days?

We publish a wide range of news about New Hampshire businesses and nonprofits. In addition to our staff-written articles on issues and trends affecting business, we regularly publish features and interviews with businesspeople and others of interest to our readers. We also welcome announcements of new products/services, staff changes, relocations, awards and honors, charitable donations — you name it.

2. Can businesses still get a garden-variety press release published in NHBR anymore?

We do publish information from press releases, mostly in our regular feature, The Latest. We also have a calendar we update daily online and appears in print each issue.

3. What are two to three suggestions businesses can do better to increase the chances their news release will be used in NHBR?

– Make sure it’s applicable to our audience, news that our readers would be interested in.

– Include an interesting photo.

– Make sure the press release is short, to the point and written in plain English. Press releases filled with jargon and those that take two or three paragraphs to get to their point definitely have less of a chance of being read all the way through and making it to print or online.

4. What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve seen business professionals make in trying to get you to publish their news for them?

Sending releases to a publication without even having read an issue and not knowing what the frequency of a publication is. If you’re contacting a publication about a time-specific event or story, it’s a good idea to do it well before the event’s date. You increase your changes of getting the event covered if you give advance notice.

5. How do businesses best go about submitting a release for your consideration?

The best way to email it to me at jfeingold@nhbr.com, or our assistant editor, Liisa Rajala, at lrajala@nhbr.com