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Rand-Whitney Returns to Dover ‘for Eternity,’ Says Robert Kraft

Friday, July 15th, 2016


This week’s ribbon in Dover had all the flavor of a homecoming, which it was for Rand-Whitney. The company, which produces corrugated paperboard, opened in Dover in 1972. It has moved a couple of times since around 2002, but about two years ago, the company began looking for a home of its own. The Division of Economic Development worked with Rand Whitney to locate a property, ending up in Dover because of its business friendly environment.

The new 118,600 square-foot is state-of-the-art – substantially larger than its previous locations – and this means higher production volumes.

Rand-Whitney is owned by the Kraft Group, which also owns the New England Patriots. Joining Gov. Maggie Hassan and Dover Mayor Karen Weston for the event was company CEO Robert Kraft, who spoke with fondness about why he came to the city to cut the ribbon.

The first time I branched out and had an operation on my own was the decision in 1972 to come to the Dover Industrial Park. I always came up here with great pride and I felt a sense of commitment … New Hampshire, that ‘Live Free or Die,’ they live free and they do things a certain way and that’s the spirit of our family and our company. We try to be loyal and remember tradition. So when I was out on the West Coast, I said, ‘I want to come back and be part of this.’

Congratulations to Rand-Whitney and the City of Dover for reuniting. As Kraft said, “It’s here for eternity.”

Lorna Colquhoun
Communications Director
Division of Economic Development