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Business Meeting: Visit with DR Dimes American Furniture of Northwood

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Mark Laliberte is one of five regional business resource specialists with the New Hampshire Division of Economic Development. He covers the Seacoast.

Mark Laliberte and Doug Dimes of D.R. Dimes American Furniture, Northwood

Reaching out to businesses in all corners of New Hampshire is what I do every day, but I am also here when businesses reach out to me with a question or about how to tap into our business resources.

That’s how I met up with Douglas P. Dimes, president and chief designer at D.R. Dimes American Furniture in Northwood. A few weeks ago, he had a question, I had the answer, and ended up having an opportunity to visit and take a tour of the plant.

He’s the second generation producing 18th century reproduction furniture, incorporating 21st century technology.

“We’ve really embraced CNC machining for the production of our products,” Dimes said. “It’s a passion of mine to make things leaner and more efficient.”

D.R. Dimes, Northwood

He showed NH Economy a process that increased precision to one-thousandth of an inch, while reducing production time dramatically.

D.R. Dimes American Furniture is noted for its Windsor chairs

“The customer cares about product, not process,” Dines said, adding that improving the quality of the product also includes a commitment to Lean manufacturing, which, he said, leads to more productivity on the shop floor.

Some well-known restoration projects are furnished by D.R. Dimes, including the Bridges House; the Edward M. Kennedy Institute, for which it created 100 desks, and Harkness tables for Philips Exeter Academy.

“When we see a furniture line or a product we want to build, we work extremely hard to get up-to-speed,” said Dimes. “I see it as a challenge; to quote Calvin Coolidge, ‘Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.'”


Mark Laliberte
Business Retention
NH Division of Economic Development