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Keeping Score: High Marks for New Hampshire

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015


Like the perfect New Hampshire summer weather, the Granite State has had a good run of good news over the past few weeks about how we fare when it comes to how we do business.

This morning, in releasing its 4th annual survey, Thumbtack declared Manchester no. 1 and New Hampshire no. 2 when it comes to business friendliness. Those responding to the survey gave our state an A+ for overall business friendliness, ease of starting a business, the tax code and licensing. The lowest grade was a C+ for ease of hiring, which may have something to do with our low unemployment rate (3.8 percent in June).

A few weeks ago, ZipRecruiter.com pegged Manchester at no. 8 on its list of Top 10 tech cities.

In its 11th annual rankings report earlier this month, Business Facilities magazine put New Hampshire up high on a couple of its lists: High wage manufacturing leader (#9); best business tax climate (#7); employment leader (#7).

MSN ranked the economies of the 50 states, based on unemployment rates, gross domestic product per capita, average weekly wages, and recent growth rates for nonfarm payroll jobs, GDP, house prices, and wages, and New Hampshire came in at no. 8.

Surveys and rankings are a nice measure of how we measure up compared to others. What’s even better is seeing businesses expand, like Titeflex in Laconia (see video above), and grow here because how we do business works.

Lorna Colquhoun
Communications Director
Division of Economic Development