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Of Wolves and Magic

Introduced a new product line? Captured a new client that’s going to put your business over the top? Found the elusive secret to ongoing success?

Dwight Schrute knows the "real deal".

Dwight Schrute knows the "real deal".

If so, you must be wearing the “Three Wolf Moon” shirt, the official t-shirt of New Hampshire economic development. What went into the decision behind the recent designation of this shirt with undeniably mystical powers? What was the initial result?

To learn more, visit my blog post titled “Of Wolves and Magic” on the NHBR Network at Check out my latest blog post on the NHBR Network at http://www.nhbrnetwork.com/profiles/blogs/of-wolves-and-magic

The NHBR Network is an online business-to-business networking site that is providing businesspeople around the state with valuable information, tips and assistance from a team of contributors that include NHBR Editor Jeff Feingold, Andy Volinsky, Chuck Sink, Heidi Page, Steven Feinberg, CPA, Bill Ryan, Jason Blais, Deb Titus, Deb LeClair, Cindy Kibbe, Bob Sanders, Dr. John Benson, Clyde Terry and yes,  good old me. Make it your New Year’s Resolution to visit the site and sign up today!!

– Steve Boucher, Communications & Legislative Director

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