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Getting Started With Mobile Pay-Per-Click

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Do you use Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or Bing’s Pay Per Click program? We do a ton of “organic search engine marketing” work in my company and a little bit of Pay Per Click (PPC)for our clients and ourselves.  I have driven traffic to websites with Google Adwords. I’ve increased “Page Likes” using Facebook Ads. No matter how you stack it, Pay Per Click or Pay Per Impressions is a must if you’re going to exploit every angle in your internet marketing efforts.

Cyberspace to Your Place's Mike Dolpies

So it only makes sense that Mobile Pay Per Click (MPPC) is on the rise.  MPPC is simply targeting only mobile devices for your key words and terms. If you log in to your Google Adwords account, you can see the option to target smartphones and devices. You’ll also note, in Google’s instructional video about MPPC, that they want you to send the searcher to your mobile website. Duh!

There are three ways to do MPPC. You can buy clicks on the Mobile Web when people search your terms. You can also choose the option of Google’s Display network. The Display Network is made up of content providers and publishers who partner with Google and sell ads on their mobile sites. The Display network will match your ads keywords to the proper audience. You can also buy clicks inside Mobile Apps.

Think of advertising in apps like this:Which apps do your prospects have? There are demographic and psycho-graphic profiles to app users. People have preferences. If your product/service matches the wants, desires, and needs of a particular app user, that’s where you’d start.

You can extend your Mobile Ads with location information and a “click to call option.” Just be aware the click to call function will add a few dollars to your investment.

The key take away here is to get started. It’s amazing how the CPC (cost per click) is so much less for mobile only campaigns. One of my campaigns is getting clicks for as little as nine cents. That’s insane!

Log in to your account or create a Google Adwords  account. Start a new campaign and choose “Mobile Devices.” Then, be sure you have a “Mobile Landing Page” ready to scoop up the traffic.

Michael Dolpies (AKA- Mike D.) is an author, speaker and owner of: http://www.cyberspacetoyourplace.com/  the co-creator of “Mobile Marketing CMS,” http://www.mobilemarketingcms.com/ an easy to use Mobile Website Builder. Watch his Internet TV Show & Get a Free Report: 5 Ways to Grow Your Business with Mobile Marketing at http://www.mobilemarketingtips.tv/