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CustomScoop Named September “Innovation Rocks!” Winner

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Sometimes finding all the news that’s fit to print isn’t as easy as it seems, especially in an age of information overload. For its ongoing efforts in helping companies monitor their message and analyze how that information is being received, the New Hampshire Division of Economic Development has named CustomScoop its “Innovation Rocks!” award winner for the month of September.

In the past, when a company wanted to know what was being said about it in the traditional press, the company’s management hired a clipping service, which clipped stories and press releases and provided them to the client—often weeks after the stories ran. In today’s world of social/user-generated media, online and traditional media, companies are often at a loss as to how to monitor their reputation and media coverage, and that of their competitors—or how, once that coverage is gathered, to analyze it so that the intelligence can be used to create a strategic action plan.
That’s where Concord-based CustomScoop, comes in. In the 11 years since CustomScoop was founded, it has been a pioneer in media monitoring. By combining powerful search technology that searches both social media and traditional news media with media measurement and analysis tools, CustomScoop is able to provide comprehensive reporting of the topics and issues important to their client businesses.

While initially developed for public relations professionals, CustomScoop’s clients include those in sales, marketing, investor relations and competitive intelligence. Its services allow companies to know how they’re doing compared to their competition, how effective their messaging is, and what trends are evolving within their industry.

“Most businesses simply don’t have the personnel or the expertise in-house to monitor what’s being said about them in all the different media,” said New Hampshire Division of Economic Development Interim Director Chris Way. “CustomScoop is set up to be an extension of a company’s communication team. It’s a truly innovative service that can really make a difference for New Hampshire businesses.”

For more information about CustomScoop, visit www.customscoop.com.