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goQ Named May “Innovation Rocks!” Winner

Friday, May 20th, 2011

In a world where written communication is a key skill in education and business, those who struggle with writing are at a huge disadvantage, whether their struggle is due to disability, attention disorder, or learning or language challenges. Now, thanks to a revolutionary new software from a Dover-based company, virtually anyone can write, edit and proofread with ease.

goqTo recognize this achievement, the New Hampshire Business Resource Center announced today that goQ Software has been named the May “Innovation Rocks!” award winner for their WordQ and SpeakQ software.

Together WordQ and SpeakQ are the first and only computer-based writing tools that integrate word prediction, speech recognition and spoken feedback. Word prediction helps the user find the correct word and its spelling. Speech recognition allows the user to dictate, while spoken feedback provides enables the user to hear and correct what they have written. In fact, WordQ will read virtually any passage of text the user selects, including text from a web page.

The user new to WordQ chooses a vocabulary from a selection intended for different writing and age levels. Then, over time, as he or she uses new words, the program adds them the vocabulary. Users can also create lists of specialized jargon or technical words and add them to the vocabulary.

The two programs are so intuitive that they are being used by a wide spectrum of people, from primary school and college students to CEOs of major corporations; these individuals may have learning disabilities, ADD or ADHD, autism, limited mobility, aphasia or trauma, or English may be their second language. WordQ is available for Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X, while the SpeakQ plug-in is available exclusively for Windows XP/Vista/7.

“For many people, having difficulty writing creates anxiety, reduces their ability to perform in school or business, and has a profound effect on their lives,” said New Hampshire Division of Economic Development Interim Director Roy Duddy. “This software opens up a whole world of possibilities. As exciting as it is for the parents of a child who can now write, thanks to this assistive technology, it is every bit as important for adults whose difficulties in writing mean they have few employment opportunities. It’s wonderful to see a product that has both a personal and economic impact.”

For more information about goQ Software, visit www.goqsoftware.com.