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An Open Letter to Jet Blue

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Good Afternoon Jet Blue,
Greetings from the Granite State, named the “Most Livable State in the Nation” for five out of the past six years and the “Healthiest State in the Nation” as well.

bienvenueAs you are no doubt aware, our friends at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport as well as citizens from throughout our great state have been flooding your Web site’s  “Tell Us Where to Jet” online form. Our little grassroots effort is starting to gain steam and we’re no doubt eliciting attention from your excellent airline.

You see, grassroots efforts like this happen every day in New Hampshire – that’s just the type of people we are. Community means a lot here and we truly take care of each other. We share the good times and we work through the rough patches. And you will never find a state with a more welcoming and warm business atmosphere. We are a small, low tax state with a big story to tell.

Unparalleled quality of life? Check. Responsive form of government? Check.  Great school system? Check. A world class airport that has become a tremendous economic engine and prime business recruitment tool? Check.

We truly hope that as you grow your airline, you will consider Manchester-Boston Regional Airport as a perfect site for new airline service. New Hampshire is “the” destination for your business and a willing partner, the likes of which you won’t find elsewhere. In short, you’ll love it here and we’ll greet you with open arms.

The No Bull Business Blog

For anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to join the grassroots online campaign, please visit http://www.jetblue.com/email/citysuggest.asp?intcmp=where_we_fly1 where you will find the following questions:
1. Where should JetBlue jet to next?
2. What city/state should JetBlue serve this city from?

The answers are:
1. Manchester-Boston Regional Airport
2. New York and Florida

Don’t wait….do this now!!