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NH Economic Development Team Inviting MA Firms to “Roam”

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

New Hampshire’s economic development team is inviting Massachusetts companies interested in relocating or expanding to the Granite State to “live free and dance” with the assistance of a new contest announced today.

Massachusetts business owners are being invited to "live free and dance" in the Granite State with the world's best New Wave dance band, the B-52s.

A total of 10 Bay State companies considering a move or expansion to New Hampshire are eligible to win tickets to the B-52s concert at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom on September 30th complete with a catered dinner and a ceremonial “key to the beach.”

“We want to prove that not only do we have a state with a great business climate, responsive state government and an unparalleled quality of life, we also know how to have fun and meet prospective new Granite State companies in a cool atmosphere,” said New Hampshire Division of Economic Development Communications & Legislative Director Steve Boucher. “Today’s competitive business recruitment landscape demands creativity and what more creative way to introduce New Hampshire than to invite companies to a beach party with the world’s premier new wave dance band?”

The Division of Economic Development will be partnering with the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom and Public Service of New Hampshire on the “Live Free and Dance” event – the Ballroom will be providing tickets for the Bay State guests to enjoy the show and Public Service of New Hampshire will offset the costs of a pre-concert dinner to include the State’s business development team.

“We’re pleased to partner with the State to introduce one of the premier entertainment venues in New England to companies that might be interested in making a move to New Hampshire,” said Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom Marketing Director Andrew Herrick. “Our state has so much to offer and we’re thrilled to be able to have some new friends over for a great night at the beach.”

“Public Service of New Hampshire is always invested in helping State economic developers spread the word that New Hampshire is open for business,” added Public Service of New Hampshire Economic & Community Development Manager Pat McDermott. “With no income or sales tax, great energy infrastructure and a business community that is tailor made for entrepreneurs, New Hampshire is a great place to build, expand or relocate a business.”

Starting on September 7th, New Hampshire economic development officials including State Business Development Manager Michael Bergeron will be taking to the Massachusetts airwaves on WCAP in Lowell to begin spreading the message about the contest to Bay State companies. An advertising campaign will be conducted throughout the month urging Massachusetts company owners to explore the opportunity to “live free and dance” and receive information about the benefits of expanding or relocating to New Hampshire.

“One of the greatest B-52s songs is ‘Roam’ and that’s exactly what we’re hoping to encourage Massachusetts companies to do – roam and discover that New Hampshire has a great business story to tell,” Boucher said.

Massachusetts companies interested in taking part in the “Live Free and Dance” contest need only email their name and business contact information (business name, address, email address, web address and telephone number) to Michael Bergeron at mbergeron@dred.state.nh.us by September 23rd. For more information, contact Bergeron at (603) 271-2591.