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Skelley Medical Cited for Participation in New Export Initiative

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

In his recent trip to India, President Obama cited Hollis-based Skelley Medical as one of a small number of companies including GE and Boeing, as part of the New Export Initiative. The New Export Initiative will create over 50,000+ jobs here in the US from selling goods and services in India.

skelley-medicalOver the past year, Skelley Medical has dramatically increased its sales of certified pre‐owned medical equipment to India as a direct result of the trade mission it went on with the U.S. Department of Commerce this year.

“We are very gratified to be mentioned by President Obama in his speech. Improving patient care and reducing the cost of health care is a global challenge and our team is working hard to make a contribution,”  company President Bill Skelley said. “The recent recession forced us to think differently and develop a successful business model of acquiring surplus equipment from U.S. hospitals and exporting the equipment worldwide, primarily to India.”.

In addition to providing surplus equipment, Skelley Medical also repairs equipment and recently opened a repair shop in Mumbai, India to service Indian based hospitals. With the tightening capital budgets in U.S. hospitals; Skelley has actually helped hospitals increase capital by buying their used equipment.

“As a small business, our success is imperative on building relationships with companies inside the United States and abroad to find new and cost effective solutions for our customers,” Skelley added.