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New Hampshire Business Matters Segment Explores Housing and the Economy

Friday, February 28th, 2020
Will Arvelo, Dean Christon, NH Housing Finance Authority on WTPL- FM

A strong indicator of a healthy economy in New Hampshire is also one that presents a challenge. The state’s historically, and continuing, low unemployment rate and low interest rates has increased the demand for housing, and decreased the supply of available units.

In this month’s New Hampshire Business Matters on WTPL-FM 107.7, Division of Economic Development Director Wil Arvelo discusses the state’s housing market with Dean Christon, executive director and CEO of the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority.

Tune in for an interesting discussion of the situation and what is being done to ease the market.

During the month of March, the NHHFA hosts free homebuyer fairs across the state, which will give prospective home buyers resources to get them on their way to owning a home of their own.

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Help Wanted: Granite Staters Invited to be a Part of New Hampshire’s Red-Hot Economy

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

Commissioner Taylor Caswell Business and Economic Affairs

On the front page of this week’s New Year, New Job, a special edition of the New Hampshire Union Leader, Business and Economic Affairs Commissioner Taylor Caswell invited Granite Staters to stay in, or return to, the state and become a part of our vibrant economy.

In case you haven’t noticed, New Hampshire’s economy is red-hot. Like powder hounds headed north on I-93 to ski after a snow storm, we’re outpacing the rest of New England and creating phenomenal opportunities – the kind of opportunities not seen in a generation.

Live in the North Country, work at a law firm or a hospital, and go skiing on a Wednesday afternoon. 

If you left after high school or college five or 10 years ago, now’s a good time to come back. If you’re graduating from high school or college this spring and unsure where you want life to take you, think about staying here and joining one of our many growing companies who really want you.

New Hampshire is an employee market. There are thousands of good, high-paying jobs spread out across a state that is routinely ranked near, or at the top, for quality of life.

Live on our Seacoast, work at an international biotech company, and after work go for a kayak on Great Bay. Live in the North Country, work at a law firm or a hospital, and go skiing on a Wednesday afternoon.

Today, national publications are talking about Manchester’s Silicon Millyard, our hotbed of technology and innovation. This is the spot where a whole new biofabrication industry, with over $300 million in funding, is turning science fiction into actual medical science.

New entrepreneurs statewide are taking advantage of our economy, our low business taxes, and zero income and sales tax and settling into our unique communities to grow their dreams, from craft breweries, coffee shops and niche businesses on Main Street to creating and expanding our $8 billion outdoor recreation economy.

These are exciting times to be in New Hampshire; consider joining us and help write the next chapter of the long and successful history of our great state.

Taylor Caswell
Business and Economic Affairs