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Taking Care of Business in the Granite State

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

Carmen Lorentz, Adam Schroadter

When you open a business in New Hampshire – any business – you get to know the Secretary of State’s office. This is the place to go to register your entity, find a name, file your annual report and take care of other business with the corporation division.

Director Carmen Lorentz’s guest this month on New Hampshire Business Matters (every third Wednesday of the month on WTPL-FM 107.7) was Adam Schroadter, deputy Secretary of State.

Learn more about the corporation division – the latest news and initiatives coming soon – on this month’s podcast.

Convenience … Just a Click Away

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012



What we are sharing here is not new, but if you are a business owner , especially a 21st century business owner who embraces online convenience, you’ll want to know about this service.

If you’re a corporation, an LLC (Limited Liability Company), a Limited Liability Partnership, New Hampshire Investment Trust, Consumer Cooperative or a Cooperative Marketing and Rural Electrification Association, then you know that you have to file an annual report with the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office every year.

And a few months before the April 1 deadline for filing that report, you know you can expect to get a paper notice in the mail, reminding you to file that report.

Laurie Harrigan tells us her office mails out over 70,000 of these notices annually. You can do the math and see that this is a bit of an expense.

Since 2003, the SOS has offered online registration and, now, in the midst of summer, when things are a little quieter, why not take a moment and click over to the SOS website and register to receive your reminder online.

Convenient? You bet. It’s also one of the little things we do in New Hampshire that helps our businesses be efficient and modern. For that, people notice, as our business friendly scores are consistently high in a variety of polls.